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I am an amateur photographer. I shoot both digital and film.
I shoot what catches my eye, and I try to be creative and keep good composition. I don’t like to edit my photos very much as I feel editing a picture can only help so much. Photography is not going to be my career, but it will definitely be a life-long hobby.
You can expect to see always see landscapes on my blog, but at any point there may also be portraits, night photography, long exposures, black and whites, and sports.
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“"No dejes que tu Mundo se derrumbe Por una Persona! Mejor deja que una persona construya un mundo mejor en tu vida" by. jk♥”

cherry trees and hodgepodge (by manyfires)

Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India
Ambroise Tézenas

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Betul Donmez (Turkey)
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